BKM Educational Society

BKM Educational Society having some aims and objectives at the time of establishment craves an acute notion in respect of the youth society specially the highly educated youngsters struggling to be employed properly because of lack of suitable professional degrees including trainings and as such the society resolves to setup BKM College of Education at Vill:- Lachhia, P.O.:-Ramkanali,P.S.:-Raghunathpur, Dist:- Purulia, the most backward district in the map of West Bengal populated with tribal community.

Society Members

Members Name Mobile No. Designation F/H Name Email Id  Photo
Tapas Mishra 9233331966 President Lt. Saroj Mishra    
Sibaram Burman 9333100245 Secretary Lt. Ashutosh Burman    
Anup Khatua 9434334296 Chairman Ashok Kumar Khatua    
Sarswati Mishra 9233331966 Member Tapas Mishra    
Sudeshna Burman 9333100245 Member Sibaram Burman    
Sankar Burman 9333100245 Member Lt. Ashutosh Burman    
Ashok Kumar Khatua 9434334296 Member Lt. N Khatua    
Munmun Khatua 9434334296 Member Anup Khatua    
Dipak Routh 9233331966 Member Lt Sarat Ch. Rout    

Certificate of Registration of Societies